The True Technology Wind Generation System LLC.
Mission Statement
To define Advance Energy Systems for human development, preserve the Ecosystem, without depleting the natural resources, and enhance the environment.
The System:
When we mention the concept of “wind power generation” what comes to people’s minds is the concept of those huge windmills on some isolated areas in the United States and other parts of the world. They are huge structures that bring to image the windmills fought by Don Quixote thinking they were giants. What we have here is nothing similar to that image.
What we have accomplished is a wind power generator designed for urban areas, but of course, very effective in rural and off limits areas.  This generator is small and very light. The Turbine is only 15 inches in diameter and the complete system only weights 30 pounds not including the pole and base.
Up until now, wind generation was not a real option for urban or suburban areas because the existing wind mills were massive. But now here is a REAL option.  This system took 16 years of hard work to develop and is ready to be on the market.
The system is design to perform in urban areas. It does not means that it cannot work on nonurban areas. It is totally the contrary, since the wind velocities are higher on nonurban areas, the system's performance is much better, because higher power generation is expected.
This is the fundamental concept of energy. It cannot be created nor destroyed. It can change forms such as Mechanical Energy can be transformed into Electrical Energy.
Introducing the MLC – SS – 1   Wind Generation System.
Kinetic Energy:   It's the energy that the air contains when moving at certain velocity.
The system possesses the ability to convert Kinetic Energy into Mechanical Energy at different wind Velocities. Then the Mechanical Energy is processed to become Electrical Energy. The Electrical Energy is converted into useful Energy. Thereby gives the ability to charge 12 volts acid-lead, deep cycle batteries.
From the batteries, people can connect inverters and used the electricity to power their  devices at home or any place else.
This is the fundamental concept of energy. It cannot be created nor destroyed. It can change forms such as Mechanical Energy can be transform into Electrical Energy.
It is a machine capable of converting Kinetic Energy into Mechanical Energy. This machine is able to operate at low or high wind velocities. A new technology couple with experiments allows this machine to be highly effective. It took five years to develop.
This machine is able to convert Mechanical Energy into Electrical Power. The new technology couple with experiments permits the effective performance at high or low Mechanical Energy. It took five years to develop.
It is a new process that converts non-useful generated energy to useful energy. It also controls the synchronization between the turbine and the generator. It has the ability to convert A. C. energy Into D. C. energy, then charging 12 volt batteries and sustain loads. The size of the load depends on the wind velocity. It took six years to develop.
There are two types of power generation systems, passive and active. In general the passive system is referred as the solar cells systems, which only generates D. C. power. The active power system has a mechanism on moving parts, and normally generates A. C. power.
Within the active generation system there are two types of devices, static and dynamic. In general the static system has an operational point and always is operating at that particular point. It is easy to control for as long as the turbine receives a constant energy flow, it will generated a constant power. It also contains a set of parameters that specifies the efficiency of the system. The most common of this type is the fossil fuel system which most power plants are using at this point.
The dynamic system is more complicated, because there is no constant energy flow, and the generation is a fluctuating function. It is a lot tougher to control, and the efficiency becomes unstable, because the energy flow is not stable.
The wind generation system is a dynamic system that has a fluctuating input. Making things a bit difficult, the wind flow is  unpredictable in both magnitude and direction. For decades people have tried to come up with a generation system that will accommodate these variations, with no positive results.
To understand this a bit better, people are trying to fit a static system into a dynamic environment. Lets look at it this way. iIf a person has a size 15 foot and he likes a shoe that it is only available in size 10.  He learns the craft of shoe making and start making his own shoes, but the size 15 shoe does not come out as the size 10. Now he realizes why the “experts” do not make shoes bigger that size 10. In order to come up with the desired results, he must developed new methods and process. The only way that can happened is by doing his own experiments, soon after he notices that the “old” methods and process do not work according to plan. He needs the addition of research and development.
The static system theory and process have been known for many years, and everyone evaluates the system according to the efficiency. The theories and processes that work on the static system do not work on the dynamic system.  This dynamic system demands its own theory and process. The evaluation of the system is completely independent of the efficiency, as most people would like to believe other ways.